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What is Voolsi?

Voolsi is the ultimate stress and mental health monitoring application for your daily usage. Through data science, machine learning algorithms and medical research we provide better mental health understanding, insights and guidelines for improvement.

Our goal is to improve the overall mental wellbeing by providing the best and most accurate technology at the tip of your fingers. And because we believe you should be part of this journey there is a little journal for your emotions - your personal space. Our team is focused and devoted on your mental wellbeing.

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Our top priority upon releasing Voolsi is our understanding of how certain heart rate variability measurements can help you improve your day to day mental health and stress level. That's why we have included three main features.

  • We use scientific machine learning approach to grade the level of stress using your heart rate variability.

  • We keep track and visualise your weekly mental status, so you can have an insight on your emotions whenever and wherever.

  • We classify your emotions and generate an automatic report for you, so you know at what point you felt a certain emotion.

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